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Digital skills support

Better Digital Futures for seniors

Better Digital Futures is a digital literacy programme aimed at helping seniors develop the skills and confidence to use digital technologies to improve their lives.

There are four pathways, each involving a series of four 2-hour classes. You can join the programme through any of the pathways depending on your level of confidence and experience.

Digital Introductory is for people who don't see a reason to go online. It will cover communicating with friends and family, being less dependant on others and pursuing hobbies online.

Digital Essentials is for people who want to use computers and the internet but have little or no experience and find the digital world somewhat confusing.

Digital Engagement is for people who want to use the internet to improve their lives, it includes online shopping, banking, managing photos and solving common computer problems.

Digital Safety is for people who are concerned about their privacy and keeping themselves safe online.